Are you starting a brand or looking to expand your existing brand?​​​​​​​
By partnering with Alturas Design, our team works as an extension of your business to efficiently execute your brand's needs. 
Below is an overview of our process:
01: Onboarding
We start with a thorough intake session to fully understand and address your goals.
02: Planning & Strategy
•Brand Strategy Consultation
•Product Design Strategy & Lineplan
•Competitor Research & Analysis
•Merchandising Strategy
•Product Development Strategy & Supply Chain Setup
03: Product & Brand Design 
Product Design:
•Conceptual and functional design exploration
•Digital flat sketches
•Fabric and Trim Nomination
•Color palette, print & graphic application
Brand Identity:
•Core messaging & Brand voice
•Graphic system & typography
•Brand color story
•On-product marketing and packaging strategy

04: Production Sourcing
We source the best factory partner for your product that specializes in your product's industry and construction methods. Factories are vetted out considering cost of goods, location, capacity, MOQ, logistics, lead-times and quality of finished goods.
05: Product Development & Sampling
•Professional grade, factory ready Tech-Packs
Bill of Materials
Fabric & Trim Sourcing, Lab Dip and Quality Management
Prototype Sampling from 1st Sample through SMS, Size Run, PP & TOP
•Spec & Construction accuracy reviews
•Professional Fittings
•Product Testing
•Costing & Leadtime Management
06: Packaging
•Concept and Design Exploration for product specific Packaging
•Factory & Materials Sourcing and Vendor Setup
•Sampling and Bulk Production
•Coordination with Packaging Factory & Product Factory to apply Packaging to Finished Goods

07: E-commerce
Shopify Website Design & Development
Product naming & description detail Copywriting

08: Production
•Direct and Manage Bulk Production
•Manage TOP & QC Inspection with Factories

09: Shipping
•Assist with &/or Manage the set up of Freight Forwarders and Import Agents to deliver your finished goods
•Assist with &/or Manage the local delivery your finished goods

10: Product Launch
After your Bulk order has arrived to you, we will prepare your online store to receive and fulfill orders with updated inventory and all final information for the Product Launch. From here, we will plan next steps toward releasing new product and scaling your brand.

Continued Support
Our team prizes longevity. A lasting relationship positions you for short-term and long-term success. We will continue to grow your brand and product offering after your first Product Launch at half the average cost of hiring a complete internal team. This looks like ongoing product strategy to expand your brand with design innovation & development, production management, website support & maintenance and packaging design - all synchronized with your specific needs, we focus on ensuring exceptional quality. 
Are you in need of Strategic Advisory? 
With our wealth of expertise in the industry, we have the ability to provide a customized strategy based on your needs. We offer one-on-one coaching consultations and seasonal advisory for brands and entrepreneurs that need support while they get started or are already in process. 
Topics we can support you with:
01: Market Research
•How to organize your competitor research
•Creating a thorough market analysis
•What to look for in white space and Blue Ocean opportunities
•Trends in the market such as color, print, silhouette, marketing, packaging, etc.

02: Design
•Design review and feedback for your collection
•Merchandising your product line and website
•Finding the right design partners
•Sketch review and audit
•Color palette review and audit

03: Product Development
•Tech pack review, audit and what you need to know to send to your factory
•How to spec samples and run a fit session
•Finding the right fit models
•Sending fit comments to factories
•Size range review, audit and why these are critical to the success of your brand
•Spec review and audit

04: Sourcing & Production
•How to find the right factory partner 
•Sourcing raw materials
•Developing your own fabric, trims and prints
•Sample management and organization
•General stages and process overview

05: Brand Strategy
•Identifying your ideal target customer
•Brand and Product copywriting guidance 
•Planning Product and Editorial photoshoots
•Scaling your product offering
1 Hour Consultation
For brands and entrepreneurs just starting who are looking for design coaching to ensure they're moving forward in the right direction. 
A Successful Foundation
Have a few ideas but not sure where to start, or unsure if an idea is worth pursuing more? Maybe you have a solution in mind but would value an outside expert's opinion? A one-on-one session can deliver advice from our wealth of industry experience on next steps in your product journey. 
Outside Expertise
Receive design feedback from the objective view of an industry expert. Constructive feedback can help take your product to the next level with knowledgeable guidance.
An Investment
The investment of a consultation will give you specialized input that will help you understand what is attainable. We can help you create a plan with feasible milestones, saving time and money in the long run.  
Seasonal Consulting
Seasonal Consulting is a retainer to support you with a trusted partner to keep your brand on the right track for long-term success. 
Seasonal Consulting
Connect with our expert team on a scheduled basis throughout your project's season. Our regular check-ins on your project will ensure you're fully supported and always improving. This service is custom tailored for your unique business needs.
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